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About Us

Fankle was started as a retail outlet by me, Kathleen Young, in 2004 and was a great wee wool shop on the Ayrshire coast, with customers from all over the country and beyond.

In 2007 I left to have a baby, a lovely wee girl, who it turns out was more work than I had realised, so the shop-front business was closed.

Now that the baby is growing up into a dynamo of a toddler, I've a spare couple of minutes in the day to think about all the stock left over from the shop, taking up serious play space. Hence the discounted website.

I'm still deciding whether to continue the site as a going concern or just to wind down once the stock is sold, but will cross that bridge when it arrives. Any comments from you would be great!

So, that's the shop - how's your day going?