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Fankle Quilting and Knitting, previously Fankle Wools and Needlecrafts, has undergone something of a transformation. Owing to the persistent reappearance of tennis (or in this case, knitter's) elbow, a new crafting challenge was required, and since I learned to quilt while living overseas, I decided it was worth turning my now rested hands to this colourful craft.

And I love it.

I've persuaded my pal Christine to have a go, and she loves it too.

So this updated and revised website is a showcase of the quilts we've done, the ideas we have had, the quilts yet to come, and of course, the chance to buy the quilt featured or commission us to design one just for you.

Enjoy viewing our colourful range, please get in touch if you would like us to make you a quilt, and feel free to purchase any of the ones displayed using our easy checkout system.

Thanks and happy sewing!


General Information

The website is being updated and work is continuing. Please be patient while we upload, rearrange, and generally fouter about with it until we're satisfied :)

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